Where’s the Beef?

You’ll find much of the concerning evidence below. If you want to see all the evidence, it will be forthcoming. That’s the purpose of the film.

Meanwhile, the above interview will be useful to those who have been tracking the issue closely and are already aware of the role of certain key people.

For the ideological side of why we are concerned with some statements from Russell Moore and Timothy Keller, here are several resources.

Start with these articles:

How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping into the Church

The Theological Problem With Tim Keller’s So-Called Social Justice

Russell Moore Says Rights Are Never Absolute

In the above articles you’ll find an elaboration on our concerns about what Keller and Moore have said. Both men have slandered the signers of the statement on social justice (statementonsocialjustice.com).

You can read about Keller’s slanderous statement here. (Also read this from Doug Wilson in regard to Keller.)

Here is an example of Russell Moore slandering signers of the Statement on Social Justice. For information on how Moore is working with organizations connected with George Soros, check out the Evangelical Immigration Table. Russell Moore is a founding member. So is the Communist Jim Wallis. Such is the ideological affinity and co-belligerence.

For concerns about the EIT and the ideas and funding behind it, see this article from The Institute on Religion and Democracy. You can find many resources on this topic at SovereignNations.com also. Especially check out the citations here showing which Christian leaders are teaming up with whom, and for what ends.

Finally, take a look at the sneak peek of Judd Saul’s film below.

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