As recently as March 8th, 2019, Sam Allberry’s organization Living Out showed an endorsement from the ERLC (the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission) president Russell Moore.

As of March 29th, 2019 the endorsement has been quietly removed.

Likely, the quiet removal was connected to four bombshell articles Tom Buck released this week.

Read them here:

Living Out Part 1 – The Shift

Living Out Part 2 – A Closer Examination

Living Out Part 3 – Unbiblical Counsel

Living Out Part 4 – A Call to Immediate Action

Visit Tom Buck on Twitter to see just how much stir his articles created.

In the face of many complaints and even accusations of dishonesty, Tom Buck released his series of four articles in such a way as to draw the objectors out and then release stronger and stronger evidence.

It looked as if an army of Russell Moore’s defenders would shout Tom Buck into silence. Is Tom Buck totally off-base? A personal friend and pastor told me he was disappointed to see me even sharing Tom’s article, because he knows Sam Allberry, and Tom Buck’s article has misrepresented him.

Someone is making false claims.

Either Sam Allberry’s site is promoting false ideas, or it isn’t. Are we willing to look for ourselves to verify the truth?

For instance, at Allberry’s site another author, Sean Doherty says the following (as of March 29th, 2019) in an article entitled “Celebate Same-Sex Couples?”:

Sexual activity and intimacy is obviously about a lot more than sex itself. So, my take on this is: the right thing to do, and ultimately the best thing for you individually and as a couple, would be to hold back from sexual intimacy as a whole, not just sex itself. That is, including romantic/sexual kissing, touching one another sexually, etc.

But, and this takes me back to my first point, holding back from sexual intimacy doesn’t spell an end to physical intimacy, not for a moment. Our culture finds it hard to distinguish between the two. But there are wonderful ways to be physically close to other people without being sexually close to them. We hug and kiss our friends and relatives in non-sexual ways. We hold hands with children. Some people (especially guys?) love to play fight (my sons love to do this with me – personally, I would prefer to cuddle them, but I have to play fight with them, because it is a way they give and receive physical affection!).

Does this sound like the kind of teaching an orthodox Christian would want to bring into SBC-funded conferences and events?

Allberry has, of course, said a great many true and helpful things. But it is necessary to ask of any messenger: “Is the message he is bringing today true and helpful?” For an overall look at concerns with Sam Allberry’s viewpoint, carefully documented, see this and this.

Tom Buck’s third article brings out the most troubling facts. Read his article to see the sting operation Buck executed in order to show the kind of advice the organization actually gives young people. It includes outrageous suggestions such as visiting gay bars and nude beaches in order to explore one’s feelings, or even “solemnizing a particular same-sex friendship.”

Now that these facts are exposed, it is not surprising to see that Russell Moore’s endorsement of Sam Allberry has silently been removed. Praise the Lord for the removal.

But there is something more that Russell Moore (or any good shepherd in his position) ought to do. We have seen only a quiet retreat from error exposed. Such a retreat offers us no insight into the motives for the retreat. Was it sorrowful repentance for error? Could it have been damage control? We can’t know without hearing from someone at the ERLC, preferably Dr. Moore himself.

If the ERLC’s endorsement of Living Out was an honest mistake, or if a change of mind and heart on the organization’s part occurred after leadership realized the error, then shouldn’t someone representing ERLC speak openly about the matter in order to help other Christians understand the truth?

Will Russell Moore do the right thing today? Will he face up to what apparently has been his own responsibility in promoting error? I call upon the ERLC and Russell Moore to make a clear statement rejecting the erroneous teachings available at Living Out. Such a statement also should include a warning that even though some of the teachings coming from Allberry and others at Living Out are fine, enough error exists to discourage people from using the Living Out website all together. Until such a statement is offered, the direction of Russell Moore’s leadership remains in question.

Tom Buck has shown us a significant lesson:

It does not take very many brave men to make a difference. If even a few men such as Tom Buck and James White are willing to speak, and if even just a few hundred concerned pastors on twitter are willing to echo it and support it, then the dissemination of half-truths and outright falsehoods can be stopped.


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Editor’s Notes:

Many whistleblowers including Thomas Littleton and JD Hall have been sounding the alarm bells on this issue for the past few years. And we are grateful to Tom Buck for getting the Southern Baptist convention to take notice.

This article was contributed by Cody Libolt at For the New Christian Intellectual. Opinions expressed in this article reflect personal views of the author only.