Revoice 2019 event is coming up in June and the Christian press is very quietly ignoring it.

The inaugural event in 2018 drew a great deal of attention even though most of the people who either chose to or were forced to comment on it were offering it extreme grace and advocated a “wait and see” attitude leading up to the event. The overall and likely coordinated approach for the second years event is to maintain radio and media silence as the movement continues a very radical scaling up of it’s LGBT+ Christianity at the same time seeks more mainstream legitimacy.

The 2019 Revoice Conference brings its primary braintrust and inspiration forward as Mark Yarhouse is a keynote speaker. Yarhouse is pictured below speaking at Danny Akin’s Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is a Regent University professor and a regular speaker at many conservative Christian colleges and seminaries including chapel service. Some Schools have hosted Yarhouse multiple times per year, and The Gospel Coalition commissioned him to create the 2010 white paper which became the basis for the Christ on Campus Initiative and TGCs own LGBT policy standard. Yarhouse works with the American Psychological Association and asserts through work and his own independent research that homosexual orientation is real/fixed and unchanged by Christian faith. His approach to counseling Christians who experience Same Sex Desires is to merge their “sexual identities” with their faith identities resulting in “gay” or “LGBT + Christianity.” Yarhouse’s views on Gender are equally APA compliant and yet remain accepted and endorsed by Christian institutions and The Gospel Coalition. Revoice is a reflection of his influence among the of mainstream evangelical leadership. But Revoice now shows it has even greater inroads into the church as Intervarsity Press and Leadership Network are sponsoring the 2019 event.


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This article is by Rev. Thomas Littleton.

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