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Key point: In crafting and contending for the adoption of Resolution 9, members of the 2019 SBC Resolutions Committee have inadvertently worked against the very cause they say they are trying to promote. So have all those who supported and voted for the resolution itself. This post highlights two devastating implications of the statement Southern Baptists made about critical race theory and intersectionality at their 2019 annual meeting in Birmingham, Alabama.

A woman walked into a travel agent’s office and explained she was there to get assistance planning a vacation for the members of her family—her son, daughter, and husband. She explained she wouldn’t be traveling with them but wanted them to have a vacation they thoroughly would enjoy.

The woman and the agent talked through all the details—including the specific days involved, modes of travel, hotels, meals, and scenic attractions. After the agent had made arrangements for the last detail, she saw that the woman was getting up to leave and said to her, “Sometime, Ma’am, perhaps we can plan your vacation as well.”

The woman smiled and replied, “Thank you! You just did!”


Accomplishing Something by Doing Something Else

It often is the case that in doing a particular thing, people accomplish something else without realizing it. They may even inadvertently be doing something that would have made them pause and reevaluate the entire project. I believe this has been especially true with Resolution 9, which recently was adopted at the Southern Baptist Convention in Birmingham, Alabama. Resolution 9—On Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Intersectionality (INT), authorizes the use of these two approaches as “analytical tools” to understanding human relationships, as long as they are used under the authority of Scripture.

As we pointed out last time, CRT and INT, as well as wokeness, are social justice, worldview ideologies—not merely analytical tools.

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This article was contributed by Bev Nathaniel Sullivan. It originally appeared at Word Foundations.

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