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In the first event of its kind, leaders from across American Christendom are uniting in Des Moines, Iowa this Fall to oppose the heretical social justice movement. Enemies Within the Church, the soon-to-be released movie exposing the shocking Marxist infiltration of Christianity, is hosting this unique cross denominational conference: Stand Against Marxism. Attendees will be informed, equipped, and refreshed as they discover those of like mind and enjoy excellent speakers.

Popular Conservative talk show host and Christian author, Steve Deace, will keynote Friday evening with a talk on “Postmodernism’s Affect On the Culture.” Janet Mefford, the host of two nationally syndicated Christian talk shows, will also host a special banquet on Saturday evening. Other confirmed speakers include best-selling author and world expert on Communism, Trevor Loudon, as well as pastors E.W. Jackson, the head pastor at Exodus Faith Ministries, and Cary Gordon, who the Des Moines Register identified as one of the “most wanted Republican influencers” in the Iowa Caucus.

Also included are Pastor Ray Moore, the President of the Board for Exodus Mandate, Pastor J.D. Hall, founder of Pulpit & Pen, Pastor Sam Jones, who hosts the Shining Light Podcast, Jon Harris, host of “Conversations That Matter,” Michael Hitchborn, president of the Lepanto Institute, and Judd Saul, Director of Enemies Within the Church. More speakers to be announced.

Breakfast and lunch are provided on Saturday. Never-before-shared stories of those directly challenging the Social Justice Movement will inspire, new information will be released, and conference goers will be educated to take a stand against Marxism, Critical Theory, Intersectionality, Postmodernism, Feminism, and Social Justice in their own churches. The Biblical principles that made America prosperous will be exalted and defended. The Gospel of grace through faith in Christ will be contrasted with the socialist gospel of privilege through power in politics.

Enemies Within the Church is more than a movie. It is a movement. The movement starts Oct. 18-19. Join us!

Tickets, information on hotel accommodations, as well as opportunities for bonuses and VIP tickets are available here.

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