James Riddle, an MDiv, and recent DMin graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, took to Facebook last week to sound the alarm on the encroachment of liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention, including on the seminary campus.

“What I’m speaking about today is vague language used by people who would like to infiltrate, are infiltrating, have infiltrated in certain circumstances, conservative evangelical organizations,” said Riddle in a 15-minute Facebook Live video. Riddle’s specific target were buzz words such as “human flourishing,” “uncontrolled capitalism,” and “white privilege” that are used in what he calls, a “secular political takeover of evangelicalism.”

“What does ‘human flourishing’ mean?” asks Riddle. “On the Right, I want humans to flourish, so I’m happy and have nothing to be concerned about.” “But what does the Left hear?” “How could humans flourish when we don’t steal from one group . . . and then redistribute.”

According to Riddle, “Vague language is used by Christian organization infiltrators to placate the Right and send a clarion signal to the Left.”

He states that the message actually being communicated by compromised evangelicals is, “We want people to flourish,” “but we’re saying they can’t flourish under capitalism.”

Riddle explains the strategy: “What they try to say is, ‘We want a religion that’s neither right nor left.’” “What are they saying?” He concludes, “It’s a way of trying to shut down a lot of the nationalist Trumpers and a lot of the non-Nationalist, non-interventionist Libertarian Christians.”

He goes on to warn, “Just realize, there are some things going on out there that are not good. We are being bullied by the Left,” “They’re getting degrees from our seminaries, they’re getting titles . . . they may not even be born again Christians, a lot of them.”

Riddle recommends for Christians to “quit listening to the garbage and go to the Bible.”

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