Pastor Cary Gordon, named by the Des Moines Register as “one of the 50 Most Wanted Republican influencers” for the “Iowa Caucuses,” face of the upcoming documentary, Enemies Within: The Church, and speaker at the “Stand Against Marxism” conference in Des Moines next month, recently warned his congregation in a video about dangerous doctrine emanating from The Gospel Coalition.

“There is an effort in that organization right now,” Pastor Gordon warned, “to soften the message of the Bible when it comes to sexuality.” The Iowa pastor continued, “They’re doing the same thing right now with homosexuality and transgenderism that they did in the 1960s with divorce and remarriage.”

The specific article Gordon used to illustrate his point was a recent interview with Ed Shaw from Living Out, an organization focused on issues surrounding “same-sex attracted people,” including providing church audits to create “a biblically inclusive church” that “welcomes LGBT people.”

In the article, Shaw described Jesus as “Creator God and a human being who knows what it is like to grapple with a sexuality, identity and gender.”

Pastor Gordon summarized the argument: “Jesus was tempted in all points just like us. That means at some point . . . Jesus was confused about his sexual identity. At some point He felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body.”

However, the preacher observed, “When the Bible says Jesus was ‘tempted at all points’ . . . it’s not saying “Jesus was tempted to stay out after curfew past midnight and smoke marijuana.” Gordon explained, drawing from 1 John 2:16 and Luke 4:1-13, “There are three categories where our battlefields take place and Jesus was taken to each battlefield and given an invitation to enter each battlefield and lose. And His first temptation in each arena of battle He won.”

Pastor Gordon identified the three categories of temptation as, “the lust of the flesh,” “the lust of the eyes,” and “the pride of life.” He explained, “The doorway of the lust of the flesh leads to fourteen million specific ways you can sin in the lust of the flesh. When the Bible says Jesus was tempted in all points just as we, it doesn’t mean Jesus was tempted in all 14 million sins that find themselves categorized behind that . . . doorway of the lust of the flesh.” In fact, [Luke 4:1-3] “tells us how He was tempted. He was hungry.”

The Iowa minister walked through the Luke narrative describing how “Satan takes the Bible and twists it,” while Jesus responds by interpreting Scripture in context.

Instructing his congregation, Pastor Gordon advised, “If you are struggling with your sexual identity this is how you defeat that temptation. . . You fight the Devil where he cannot win and it is the authoritative Word of God.”

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