By: David Scott

In 2014 World Vision announced the reversal of the missions organization’s policy on same-sex relationships from prohibiting to affirming. A backlash from a number of evangelical institutions and leaders led to a reversal of the reversal, with World Vision returning to their original biblical position. The story was carried by most major news outlets, right, left and center. Very few major news outlets have carried any monumental stories about World Vision since 2014, though there may be scandal far more dramatic than anything related to World Vision’s policies on gay relationships.

The conservative news/opinion site The Daily Wire recently reported on a disturbing financial scandal involving World Vision. The report revealed that the international branch of the evangelical organization had funneled money to the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), an organization with ties to terror groups including al-Qaeda. Partnering churches, individuals, and organizations have remained quiet on this and related scandals involving World Vision over recent years.  This includes Hillsong United and Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Tim Keller) among others. While troubling, this really isn’t anything new for World Vision, as its Australian branch evidently directed funds to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas prior to 2016 (when El-Halabi, a World Vision manager in Gaza was arrested by Israeli Authorities). As already a definitively non-evangelistic organization, the main mission and concern of World Vision isn’t spreading the gospel so much as spreading material aid to impoverished areas of the world, apparently, despite who ends up on the receiving end of that process.

Ironically, World Vision has seen a small bit of news coverage lately – but not for anything related to funding terrorist organizations. Even with numerous celebrity supporters and generous government funding from nations around the world, the organization has experienced scrutiny from social justice advocates. The non-profit has decided to flip their child sponsorship program, allowing children to select their sponsors rather than the traditional reverse. The move away from traditional sponsorship is likely connected to backlash against accusations of “paternalism” and “colonialism” in poverty relief mission organizations that are rapidly succumbing to the social justice movement. Taking actions such as vaguely endorsing “global efforts to reduce the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities,” and sending a letter to the Trump Administration encouraging a rescinding of the so-called “Muslim ban” in 2017, World Vision has also been steadily crafting a more politically correct social justice image.

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