Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), has officially gone down the social gospel road.

Enemies Within the Church first reported on Cru’s decline with an article on Sarah Van Opstal’s radically left speech at Cru19, in which she stated that ICE agents deporting illegal migrants was “another holocaust.” Enemies Within the Church then produced a montage of Cru19 exposing the critical race theory, social justice, and feminist themes which emerged at the summer staff conference. A whistle-blower on staff with Cru revealed screenshots proving that program director Matt Mikalatos invited “Native American Christian mystic” Kaitlin Curtice to speak at the event. Last week, Enemies Within the Church reported that staff member and Revoice speaker Grant Hartley, Rachel Gilson, the director of theological development for Cru, and Matt Mikalotos have all undermined biblical teaching on homosexuality. Cru’s “Urban Project – International,” headed by Michael Sylvester, pushes a pro-socialist curriculum.

Cru has responded.

In a recent video from Conversations That Matter, Jon Harris reveals internal documents from Cru, including a letter from Executive Vice-President, Steve Sellers, and a message to Cru staff from Matt Mikalotos. Both items dismiss concerns.

Most notable in Harris’s revelation is a “talking points” memo designed to help Cru staff answer supporters with questions about the organization’s new social justice direction. Included in the talking points, created by “leadership,” are two exceptionally troubling discoveries. First, Cru endorses homosexual orientation as an acceptable identity marker for Christians. Second, the document explicitly states that “proclaiming the gospel” can be accomplished simply by practicing James 1:27’s command to “visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world,” apart from “a viewpoint of the Great Commission.” This is a classic articulation of the social gospel.

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