Scott Willis recently served for two years as an intern with Cru (formerly “Campus Crusade for Christ”) at the University of Florida. Recently, on the Conversations That Matter podcast, Scott confirmed concerns about the organization’s shift to the Left. Following reports of Cru’s recent social justice themed staff conference, as well as staff members promoting homosexual orientation and Marxism, Willis blows the whistle on how these ideas have been applied in the context of campus ministry.

Willis explains his personal social media account was monitored by Cru staff even after his internship ended. One worker was asked at a staff meeting to take down a link on his Facebook page in which he defended judge Kavanaugh because it may offend women. Because the ministry was focused on encouraging Christian students to reach out to various campus groups, Willis asked if some of the more conservative students should get involved in Young America’s Foundation to form witnessing opportunities. Unfortunately, he was then told by a supervisor that Young America’s Foundation was a hate group, according by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Similarly, when Willis shared the Dallas Statement on Social Justice in a staff communication, he was told by a supervisor that he was promoting ideas in league with the KKK and White Supremacy.

Interestingly, it was not viewed as problematic when a Cru staff person sported a Black Lives Matter t-shirt at a Cru outreach and publicly promoted a petition to restore voting rights to prison inmates. Willis explains that during his first year as an intern, the staff meetings regularly consisted of topics related to oppressed minorities and women, while during his second year, same-sex attraction was a topic every other week. Willis was asked to specifically reach out to black students to invite them to a ministry specifically designed for blacks at a Winter conference. Willis explains that he believes Cru staff think the line between a Christian minority and a non-Christian minority is much thinner than the line between a Christian minority and a Christian Caucasian.

Most Christians, he said, are just going along. It’s Cru leadership that has led the organization to this point.

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