In a recent podcast, Jon Harris claimed that “The AND Campaign is . . . a dangerous campaign to persuade evangelical voters . . . to think in progressive terms and categories and ultimately to vote either for Democrats or progressive Republicans who will say the same things that Democrats are saying.”

The AND Campaign, whose motto is “biblical values & social justice” promotes a voting guide for Christians in the 2020 election. Though the statement claims to reject both the Republican and Democrat platforms, it includes support for:

1. Felon voting rights
2. A “Livable wage”
3. The “Fairness for All Act”
4. Comprehensive Immigration Reform (without border security), and
5. “Accessible and Affordable Healthcare”

Like Planned Parenthood, the AND Campaign places abortion under the umbrella of healthcare and calls it “a tragedy, not a social good, that should be vehemently discouraged rather than promoted.” Contrast this tame language with what it says about President Trump’s immigration policies. “The current administration’s willingness to use draconian, manipulative measures to stoke fear in immigrant communities and pit family members against one another is reprehensible.”

The president, Justin Giboney, and chief strategist is Michael Wear, have a history working for Democratic campaigns.

According to Harris’s guest, The Wannabe Anglican, Justin Giboney was elected “in 2012 and 2016,” as a delegate for “Georgia’s 5th congressional district “for the Democratic National Convention.” He also “served as the co-chair of Obama for America’s Gen44-Atlanta initiative” andwas a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

Michael Wear worked “as one of President Obama’s ‘ambassadors to America’s believers.'” He also directed faith outreach for President Obama’s historic 2012 re-election campaign,” and “served in the White House faith-based initiative during President Obama’s first term, where he led evangelical outreach and helped manage The White House’s engagement on religious and values issues, including adoption and anti-human trafficking efforts.” His book, “Reclaiming Hope,” is endorsed by both Tim Keller and Russell Moore. He also writes for the Gospel Coalition and ERLC.

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