Friends and supporters,

Enemies Within the Church has been working tirelessly to gather information exposing the social justice movement invading our Christian institutions.

To give you just a sample of what we’re referring to, please watch this 20 minute montage of professors, staff, and guest speakers at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. One of our producers combed through publicly available videos on the seminary’s website and was astounded at what he found.

Marxist Critical Race Theory, Black Liberation Theology, and Standpoint Epistemology (postmodernism) are alive and well at a major seminary training pastors for the Southern Baptist Convention. The effects of these ideas are starting to have an effect in churches throughout the country as some recent seminary grads apply it in their congregations.

Within the next month Enemies Within The Church is planning on coming out with a new extended trailer and a mini-Documentary about what just happened at First Baptist Church of Naples, where members were called “racist” for not supporting a social justice pastor who, ironically, graduated from Southeastern.

We need your help to continue our work! We are 70% funded and on track to complete the film before the Southern Baptist annual convention this June. We cannot keep going without your help. Every denomination is being compromised by this progressive push. We expect it to get worse this election year. Will you help support our efforts? With God’s help, together we can sound the alarm and return to biblical Christian principles and the true gospel.

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