In an interview with Enemies Within the Church, James High, a former member of a Southern Baptist church plant in Raleigh, NC, relays his story of being on the wrong end of the social justice movement. One of his family’s pastors, a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in nearby Wake Forest, told him that his family was in “generational sin.” The reason? James’s last name was also shared with another family in the congregation who possessed a darker skin tone. The pastor assumed that James’s ancestors must have owned the other family’s ancestors. Despite the dubious historical assumption, which James later confirmed was untrue, this issue marked a turning point in the High’s relationship with the plant.

James expressed a broader concern with how the church environment deliberately pushed a social justice narrative which included the shaming of white church members for things they were not responsible for. James made it clear that his intention in agreeing to the interview was merely to help Enemies Within the Church call attention to real problems caused by the recent leftist push in evangelicalism.