In this second video cataloging the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Russell Fuller discusses the subject of Postmodernism, and Dr. Al Mohler’s role in knowingly promoting and endorsing a book by Jonathan Pennington who advocated for the view.


Response to SBTS Videos on Hernandez and Pennington

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Documents Mentioned in This Video

Russell Fuller’s Questions for Dr. Pennington submitted to Dean

Jonathan Pennington’s Book “Reading the Gospels Wisely”

Al Mohler’s Endorsement as one of the “10 Books Every Preacher Should Read”

Jonathan Pennington’s 2015 ETS Speech (1)

Jonathan Pennington’s Revision of Speech (2)
(This was handed out to students. It includes a denial of Isaiah 53’s Messianic interpretation. “As Crump points out over several pages, one is hard pressed to make convincing arguments that many key OT texts in the New could have been understood messianically at all, even ones like Isa 53.”)

Jonathan Pennington’s Revision of Speech (3)

Jonathan Pennington’s Revision of Speech (4)

Jonathan Pennington’s Attempts to Clarify

Russell Fuller’s Speech at Full Professors Meeting Concerning Jonathan Pennington’s Views